CTA Ridership Analysis App

In fall 2016, I took a class taught by one of my favorite professors, Joe Hummel. It was Programming Language Design and Implementation (CS 341) at UIC. I learned a lot in that class and I enjoyed doing the assignments for it.

One of the assignment was to create an application that analyzes CTA ridership data using N-tier architecture and written in C# and SQL. For this assignment, we had to implement it using 4 tiers: presentation, business, data access, and data store. The assignment was actually a continuation of a previous assignment because it was a mess of GUI, C#, and SQL code since we were to implement it all in one file without any architecture in mind.

App Details

Upon user selection of different stations and stops, the application analyzes and displays information such as total ridership for the selected station, average ridership, ridership on the weekday, direction of travel for a particular stop, and lines available for a particular stop. There are also top-10 options that display the top-10 stations for a criterion with features described above. Lastly, the users can update the handicap accessible field assuming in a production use, the application is connected to a database used by everyone. Below are 7 images (also in gif) displaying most of what the app does in order.

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More information to come soon
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