Project 3: VR Paintball
What you should know

Main issue you'll notice: When teleporting you might see the red dot instead of the green dot, you'll have to move backwards or forwards in actual physical place and then try teleporting again. You can see it sometimes happen in the demo video. There is a trigger collider about chest high and higher that interferes with the teleporting laser even though I did not allowed the 2 layers to collide together.

Another issue is you cannot pick up the paintball guns from the floor so do not drop them on the floor!

There are several differences between the final product and the proposed project. Below is a list of what is implemented.


All models and textures not mentioned below are made by me.

proposal: first-person shooter (FPS) paintball

I plan on working alone for this project.

My project will be a first-person shooter paintball game. Like other fps games, player gets to move around in a 3D world. However, because this is a VR game, rather than keyboard controls or VR control pad or teleporting to move, player moves by stepping or leaning in the direction. Returning to the center of the room means stopped/stand still.

  1. move left
  2. not moving/stand still
  3. move right
  4. move forward
  5. not moving/stand still
  6. move right

target image

There will be different target practice challenges and gets difficult each level. You can also paint with the paintballs but after a certain amount of paint splats, it will start deleting itself from the first splat.

The stretch goal is to make it multiplayer.


There will be 6 difficulty levels + a room specifically for painting with the virtual paintballs. Each room has a small room before it where a table with the paintball guns available for that specific room. It also serves as a loader so the game knows which room to "turn" on. Each room needs to be cleared before the next room opens up. Players can try to take it out of the room and bring it to the next but will be removed out of their hand when they leave the room. Exiting the room resets the room.

  1. A big room with various stationary targets at various distances, some move (at different paces and directions), some don't. But, player would not be able to move past a barrier so that they cannot cheat. Only a small part of the room is where the player can move around. Unlimited paintballs & no time restriction.
  2. Similar to room 1 but player has to hit certain amount of targets in a certain amount of time. Number of targets and time is to be determined. Unlimited paintballs.
  3. Similar to room 1. However, targets flip between "correct side" and "incorrect side". And player has to hit the correct side in order for the paintballs to register/count toward completing the level. Also, there are 2 different types of targets, a red and a blue target. Red targets are the targets to hit and blue targets are not. This level works on reaction time. Unlimited paintballs & no time restriction.
  4. Big open room with obstacles here and there. Some targets move back and forth, some don't. The targets are dumb bots but they all shoot back when they can see the player. So the player has to move around in this room and find the targets and hit all of them to advance. If player gets hit 2 times, it's game over and spawn back in the hall way. There are limited paintballs, the paintball refills will be around the waist area on a belt. No time restriction.
  5. Combination of rooms 1-3 but limited paintballs and a time restriction.
  6. Big open room with obstacles here and there. Targets/bots know where the player is even behind obstacles and actively moves towards player and shoot. If player gets hit 2 times, it's game over and spawn back in the hall way. There are limited paintballs. The paintball refills will be around the waist area on a belt. Limited refills.
Types of paintball guns

There will be 1-3 types of paintball guns. All the hoppers have a limited amount of paintballs that can fit. But, the hopper will be clear so the player can visually see how many paintballs are left. The paintball guns do not actually take from the hopper, the paintball gameobject just gets deleted when a paintball fires out. The player would have to physically do the motions to refill the hopper and they would be able to see the paintballs fall inside the hopper. When it's limited paintballs, the player still have to refill the hopper, they just have unlimited refills.

  1. Semi-automatic basic looking paintball gun
  2. Fully automatic basic looking paintball gun with some look differences to differentiate between semi-auto
  3. Sniper paintball gun, shoots paintball farther/falls later than the 2 above
hardware platform

This game is for the HTC VIVE.

software to use

I will use Unity, VRTK, and Unity A* Pathfinding plugin by Aron Granberg to develop the game.

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